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Skills Clinic

Sunday, June 9
9:30am - 11:00am
Glenn Hall Park, 5415 Sandburg Drive, Sacramento
$15 (cash, please)
Instructor - Sarah Fawcett
Bring a light shirt, dark shirt, and soccer ball

11th Annual Women's Post-Season Indoor Soccer Tournament

2019 Dates TBD
ISA and Olympus
Applications will be available in early September 2018Information and Registration Form


Visit the SALLY Games website for the most current information:SALLY Games

Facility Partners

10th Annual Women's Post-Season Indoor Soccer Tournament

2018 Dates TBD
ISA and Olympus

Information and Registration Information

2018 Indoor Tournament Teams


Thank you to all the teams who participated.

Over 50
Social Hour
Breakaways - Red
Breakaways - White

Over 30
FC Jens
Soccer Addicts
Flames Black

*Rec C Flight 1
Right Stuff
Flames RE

*Rec C Flight 2
Las Patas
Resister Sisters

*First place of Flight 1 played 1st place of Flight 2 the overall winner of Rec C was Las Patas

Thank you to our sponsors: ISA 2000 and Olympus Sports Coliseum

Indoor Soccer Arena (ISA) 2000
4670 Aldona Lane
Sacramento CA 95841

Olympus Sports Coliseum
4500 Pell Drive, Suite B
Sacramento, CA 95838

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